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Congratulations on a brilliant idea, a rich but reasonably easy-to-use website, the wonderful landscape as background to readings and the jokey yet also informative and interesting commentary--and above all, the sense of enjoyment and sharing of enjoyment.

Thanks Richard. I note you're looking in from Italy. Are there books set in your part of the world that might benefit from the same treatment? And can you explain to me how you became such a Stevenson fan in the first place?



Hi Tim,
I became interested in Stevenson when I picked up by chance Travels with a Donkey (another book that can be taken for a walk - though TWAD is probably the travel book that has most often been re-travelled and written about than any other: but that is interesting in itself - Lesley Graham [aka Lezzies, I believe] can tell you more about that as she's written a nice survey of them). I was won over by the very engaging narrator and the careful style ("to come down off this feather-bed of civilisation, and find the globe [pause] granite underfoot and strewn with cutting flints"). I the read Inland Voyage (perhaps a better candidate for taking for a walk since fewer people have done it - you'd have to get some practice on a sail canoe though) and was equally impressed. Then Kidnapped - far better than Scott, I thought - and so on, from book to book, marvelling that each book was a new type of book (Stevenson was continually experimenting).
Actually I edit the RLS website, and Kidmapper puts me in a quandary: where should it be placed on the site? Maybe "Documentary Films about Stevenson and his Works".
Congratulations on creating a new art-form!


Yes, I haven't walked the Travels With a Donkey Route myself because I can't bear the idea of sharing the CĂ©vennes with hundreds of (other) wannabe Stevenson followers. I think your peregrinations much more interesting!

I recently did some research into writers who have followed RLS in California - that might be interesting too although, for it too be really authentic, you would have to arrange to fall terribly ill in the Napa Valley and be rescued by a goat farmer and his family.

Well done for completing the course and making following you such an interesting on-line experience.

Hi Tim,

the Lezzies I referred to is actually Lesley (hi Lesley!) who just contributed to the conversation. I agree that Travels with a Donkey has been retraced by hundreds and written about by dozens (but who knows what someone of your multi-media imaginateness could do, and the readings in the sparsely-populated landscape would be as effective), but Inland Voyage has rarely been retraced and the book has some wonderful passages to read aloud in it.


I really enjoyed to read your post, looks like you gays had terrific time. I also a love to sail in beautiful places, this summer we took a vacation to Alaska and sailed there in Icy waters, that was wonderful experience.

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