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an extraordinary feat, beautifully executed. what happens next?

hi tim, thanks for your kidmapped trail. i've really enjoyed following the story, and assembling my own version of the kidmapper story, especially through the youtubes.

as someone without a holiday this year i've loved sticking my headphones on and listening as i get down to some writing or other work of my own.

i think a mobile app and a printed product of some kind would be awesome. two ideas sprang to mind for enriching the experience/making it more social:

1. taking all the geotagged stuff on flickr within say, a five-mile radius of points along the trail and pursuing some of the stories you might be able to find through them. could they relate to the novel in some way?

2. taking the model (if not the actual device) of something like yellowarrow.net, how about you set some tasks or embed some stories of your own into the trail? perhaps it's something your readers/viewers have to track down/interpret/modify themselves.

pretty obvious ideas, really, and i'm sure nothing you hadn't considered yourself. but i'll be tuning in again if you do something similar next year.


Well done Tim! You have indeed been to "a great many strange places"....Am excited to see how the adventure translates into print/mobile etc. At the moment it is a fantastic world to get lost into and it feels like a part of you and your hat will always be trailing across Scotland.

Hi Tim,

Congratulations once again on the great project. Would you be interested in coming along to the launch of the new Stevenson website in November? - if so get in contact via my email address.


Hi Tim,
Congratualation to your project. I was even verry keen to watch your kidmapped side, espevcially because I could not go to Scotland this year.
Next year I plan to go on my own Kidnapped Trail end of may to mid june. May be I meet someone on the way.


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