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March 07, 2011


Mike Williams

Reminds me a little of ghostwire http://www.ghostwiregame.com/product

Sounded really interesting when it won the 2008 Nokia game summit, but then went a bit cheesey in the execution.

Sure your onto something spookily good.


oooh ghostwire looks intriguing. Both Joe and I have realised of course that the 'box' could just as easily be a smartphone charged with an app. But there's something good about using an antique and seemingly analogue object, gutting it and stuffing it with lots of hidden tech. I think people would have a different relationship with something that seemed to come from a past world.

Agree about risk of cheese btw - esp if we try to introduce any kind of 'theatre'.

Maybe you should come out to Dorchester, Mike and do the walk with us in early April!



Just been talking with Joe about this...sounds stunning! Do you (both) know about the poetic inquiry conf at BU in Oct...it (this) needs to be there.

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