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September 20, 2011


R Martin Seddon

Hi Tim.
I thought your presentation was great with superb audience interaction!
How did you make the video showing the typing effect?


Hi Martin

As per usual with my stuff, the audience provided the best bits! :)

The video was bodged together in windows movie maker having created a load of jpegs using photoshop and a dodgy typewriter font from http://refont.com/

Richard White

Astonishing! I find all of this very interesting. Did you know that I used to be a sound recordist? I still spend a lot of my time listening, even though (especially as) I'm now mildly/moderately deaf.

You know Tim, I've never really understood how you earn a living from the works you produce, but I'm very glad that you make them and even happier if that means that 'the system' still manages to support such interesting and productive work.



Aww thx Richard. Well, the 'work' gets done for pretty much next to nothing. The 'living' gets made by working for other people - writing, teaching, consulting etc. Not sure if I'm part of the 'system' or not... (Lovely btw to be still occasionally in touch with you via Flickr etc)

Stay well


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