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April 04, 2012



Very interesting tree. Have you thought about the one key element that keeps the whole compote cycle going, the bees? Something that plots local hives, bee flight paths, the attractiveness of your particular blossoms over the neighbours (if any), the whole psychology of bees is fascinating and I wonder if your runes add anything to how a bee perceives a tree from the air? Does a rune prune (sorry) affect their ability or desire to pollinate your tree and the consequent knock on of how this affects harvest?
Might I add a request for some GoPro cameras trained on particular blossom flowers to watch pollination live - Kate Humble eat your heart out!


Very good thoughts there about bees. Thank you!

I've already found something you might be interested in here: https://sites.google.com/site/beelining/getting-started/bee-lining-using-gps-technologies


Oh Wow!


Weird thing is I can see elements of my surname in the tree code...

N E A L Y ... the Compote Tree is talking to me calling me...

Got to get you in our Fruit Routes orchards and tree led pathways...

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