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The Design Butcher

It will be important for David to be in the correct conditions to take part in this mission
By the time the project gets off the ground David will be getting on a bit
He will need to be match fit when he arrives and we have to face it he has lived

It will be essential that you take the right team
For David’s health a doctor is a vital part of the crew

Ref: McCoy, Smith, Who

I am sure that you will be able to find many an able volunteer
I can not offer those skills but I can offer what I feel is up there with medical requirements


Just consider the environments of all previous space missions
The design of the crafts interior was paramount

Ref: 2001, Alien, Space 1999

I also have a great wardrobe of plaid trousers and tank tops
and I hate golf

Keep me posted

The Design Butcher


On the health issue - doctors only recently had a go at performing operations in zero gravity - see The dear old Beeb also offer a very useful 'Sapce Doctor game here -

Not sure we want someone with the moniker 'Butcher' as our onboard surgeon of choice, mind.

On the interior design front, I'm sure I'm going to need help. I imagine DB is quite fussy about his environment - and his clothes.

p.s. do they make plaid space suits?


Tim, what happens if you don't go to the moon or play golf with Mr. Bowie? What happens if you lose the bet?!



i refuse to consider failure. do you think we got to the moon in the first place by contemplating what the world would be like *without* a man on the moon?

besides, *nothing* happens if i lose the bet. nothing. nothing happens. that's not something I want to contemplate.

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