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Paul Conneally

As to playing games I discovered this game of Chess between the cosmonauts of Soyuz 9 and Ground Control - you can click the arrows and the pieces move to show each move.

It would be good to have a similar record of your proposed game of golf on the moon with the popular entertainer Mr.David Bowie after its happening so that we can virtually replay each hole one by one shot by shot time and time again. I'd prefer a Playstation-like graphics replay like one gets with Tiger Woods Pro-Golf games etc rather than real video.

Could you arrange that for us Tim?

All that's best,


Paul Conneally

Oh damn - i forgot to paste the link to the chess game here it is - maybe you could slot it in the original post or just leave it here:



Tim Wright


I think we're going to have to do this the other way round. We simulate the whole mission now - get all the moves down - and then get me and DB to act it out/'play' it according to the detailed instruction set we've all developed together over the years.

Simulation = Solution

Paul Conneally

yes you are right of course

a playstation Xbox or better stll a wii game based on simulated moon holes would be a wonderful thing - just like they have street football games - street golf - simulated moon holes - such as the proposed one in soho and maybe the one off the greenway... love to see that play that...

a hole that crosses the thames by the millenium bridge would be great... maybe the green could be the bridge itself with the hole at one end... so putting the lenght of the bridge... uhm... needs doing... could of course finish the hole inside that art gallery place that's near one side of the bridge...

all that's best,


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