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I can't thank you enough for this. It reminds me of a book I found in my local library recently which is about the search for Nonsuch Palace - Henry VIII's great folly that disappeared sometime at the end of the Stuart era and has only recently been relocated (not that far from Mitcham Common, in fact).

I am pursuing several theories about how or why Oldton disappeared:

Is the town now buried under six lanes of motorway, or submerged under a lake created by the building of a new dam?

Was there an economic disaster that caused everyone to move to the city looking for work? Or is it just the natural attrition of young people leaving and old people dying that we see happening in small rural communities across the UK?

Were the inhabitants deliberately moved out and re-housed as part of secret social experiment?

Was the town the home of a Waco-like cult that then decided en masse to take its leave of this world?

Was there perhaps a virulent and rare disease or plague at work? A parasite in the brain? Or perhaps through in-breeding, a lemming-like gene has suddenly bloomed causing the population to metaphorically and literally throw itself off a cliff?

Is the town in fact a deliberate online hoax, a digital smokescreen that allows terrorists to communicate with secret codes embedded in the texts, pictures and videos?

If you're happy for me to do it, I would like to include your ideas into my investigation and pursue your leads.



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