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Hi Rob

How great to get a mail from you. I am such a fan of your work.

Not sure whether your grandparents stayed at the Inn or the hotel. Either way, that wasn't badger you smelt - it was blue boar, or it was white hart (see other Oldton entries) - or possibly Pye dog but that's another story. Can you confirm which? Not sure I know what a hart smells like.

As for lost smells, I refer you to... http://www.poemhunter.com/p/m/poem.asp?poet=3152&poem=198584

I, too, often shrivel the grey shreds,
Sniff them and think and sniff again and try
Once more to think what it is I am remembering,
Always in vain. I cannot like the scent,
Yet I would rather give up others more sweet,
With no meaning, than this bitter one.
I have mislaid the key. I sniff the spray
And think of nothing; I see and I hear nothing;
Yet seem, too, to be listening, lying in wait
For what I should, yet never can, remember;
No garden appears, no path, no hoar-green bush
Of Lad’s-love, or Old Man, no child beside,
Neither father nor mother, nor any playmate;
Only an avenue, dark, nameless, without end


Tim Wright

rob wittig

Tim ---

Thanks for the message and the poem.

The Grands used to talk about a White Tart at Oldton . . . or at least
that's what we thought they were saying. Could that be a clue?


The fertile badger

This troubles me greatly but I appreciate the mention of badgers

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