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If you take a look at the notes on the village green in the the Our Oldton section of the main site, you'll see that the hall became a pizzeria. So it wasn't a sex scandal that did for the place, but the relentless march of capitalism...

Inadvertently, you seem to have confirmed that the Oldton supermarket was a Tesco. Thanks for that.


paul conneally

i'm not sure that they could have been tesco jeans - did tesco's sell clothes back then?

for us they were from a shop called 'sexy rexy's' our 'star jumpers' too - the first showaddywady record 'hey rock 'n roll' i think -was the only one i ever liked - "standing on the corner in my new blue jeans / talkin 'bout suzie she's a rock 'n roll queen / everybody's talkin 'bout a new way to rock 'n roll"

sometimes the boys would fight


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