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Martin Raynes

The Oldton Fish and Chip Shop

After my vague and I fear unhelpful account of the great fire in 1965, I pleased to be able to confirm Tim's memories of the very good fish and chip shop in the town.

The Gladdings whith whom my brothers and I stayed over several summers in the 1960s had a strange aversion to cooking and the evening meal was nearly always fish and chips. Younger readers will be astonished at the limited range of take away food available in provincial England at that time.

One peculiarity of the Oldton Fish and Chip shop was that its fishcakes were square. I suppose that may have been a regional tradition which has died out when the town disappeared.

Whilst on the subject of the fish and chip shop, does anyone else recall the owner (Mr Hewitt?) refusing to sell pickled eggs to anyone under 16 years of age?

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